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Pattycake needs help :(

 I noticed yesterday that my fantail Patrick seemed to have some trouble swimming but I didn't really think much of it (he's always playing around and making a lot of noise), but today I noticed that he has in fact major problems with swimming in general: when his lurking around on the bottom looking for food, he does involuntary somersaults, or at least that's what it looks like. He's flapping his fins like crazy to stay upright but it's not really working. My fears were confirmed when I found him later this morning floating belly-up in the water: Patrick has swim bladder disease :( I'm going for some frozen peas later today and then I'll put both Patrick and Brie on a fasting diet for a couple of days but I'm so scared that one day I'll get up and Patrick will no longer be there to greet me :( I hope once his intestines are cleared out and his probable constipation is over the disease will clear up... 

Forum for all fanfiction/fanart lovers

A friend of mine recently set up a forum for lovers of all sorts of fanfiction/fanart. If you're into fanfiction/fanart: check it out!


Vegan cookbooks

What to buy, what to buy?
I want a new cookbook but there are so many choices, I don't know where to start.

Huge pictures of vegan cookbooks after the cut!Collapse )

Vegan Pancake Time

Is really the best time there is.

So my photo is not the best quality but that did nothing to the taste, this little darling was delicious! 
The recipe I used can be found here.

Why vegan pancakes?
If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth - beings who considered themselves as superior to you as you feel yourself to be to other animals - would you concede them the rights over you that you assume over other animals? (George Bernard Shaw)

How to cope with useless word lists

For my exam Academic Writing on Monday, I have to study a wordlist of about 600 words. Naturally, slash ensues.

Drabble-alert! Collapse )

Tuesday (PG-13)

Title: Tuesday
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Warnings: SLASH (male/male canoodling)
Author's note: this is my first fanfic in what feels like forever. I'm still not getting over the fact that I almost wrote porn. Almost. Okay I wrote 'erection', that's porny for me. :D

On to the fic...Collapse )

Starface / De Ster van Vlaanderen

Haha ok, so get this: an 18 year old girl , with zero tattoo experience whatsoever steps into a seedy looking tattoo shop in Kortrijk. On the spot, she decides to have three stars tattooed next to her left eye. The tattoo guy speaks no Dutch, only French and a little bit of English. He starts next to her eye and she falls asleep (yes, while someone is tattooing on her face ... sure!)
Dit is het beste verhaal ooit: een paar dagen geleden stapt een 18-jarig meisje met niets van tattoo ervaring in een sjofel uitziende tattoo studio in Kortrijk. Zonder er echt bij na te denken beslist ze om drie sterren naast haar linkeroog te laten zetten. De tattoo artiest spreekt geen Nederlands, enkel Frans en een beetje Engels. Hij begint naast haar oog, en tijdens het proces valt zij in slaap (ja, terwijl iemand op haar gezicht met een naald bezig is... )
This is what she ended up looking like:
Dit is hoe ze er nu uit ziet:
Click for pic! Klik voor de foto!Collapse )
HAHAHHAHAHA only in Belgium
Enkel in België :D

PS: she also has a fanpage now, with hilarious modified pics, check it out!
Ze heeft ook een fanpagina op facebook, met hilarische bewerkte foto's !


 Today me and Margot are going to the last Creative Writing meeting for this academic year.. If the weather stays like this, it'll take place in the Citadelpark in Ghent. There'll be rope-skipping, word games, poetry games and food!

Vandaag trekken Margot en ik naar de laatste Creative Writing bijeenkomst voor dit academisch jaar. Ik hoop dat het weer goed blijft, want dan gaat het door in het prieel ( icon_3nodding.gif mijn naam!) in het Citadelperk in Gent. We zullen touwtje springen, woordspelletjes spelen en eten!

Well, no rope-skipping for me anyway, my foot just won't budge... I'll make a pasta salad, hope they'll like it!
Het touwtje springen zal niet voor mij zijn, mijn voet wil nog altijd niet mee...
Ik zal een pastasalade maken, yum!

That's it for today lovies !
Morgen meer nieuws !



Voulez-vous des moustaches?

 Me & my sister + marker + Macbook= silliness ensues :)

This time imperfect

"I'd show a smile
but I'm too weak
I'd share with you
could I only speak
just how much this
hurts me"

- A.F.I. This time imperfect
was inspiration for:


I'm sitting near the window, staring amusedly at my youngest daughter playing in the courtyard, when he comes in. He clears his throat, rapidly, twice, and I'm already getting annoyed at the fact that he expects me to answer to his call immediately. Instead I direct my gaze to his hands, which he's nervously clasping and unclasping. When he finally forces me to face him, I get up and motion for him to follow me to the bed. We lie in what used to be comfortable silence, but is now just an agreement to keep the questions and accusations inside. I subtly sneak a peek at his prominent features, the high sculpted cheekbones, straight nose and pouty lips I once called my own. Of course, I could still afford your elite charms back then. And my brother was not throwing you sacks of gold along with smirking leers either. Suddenly a graphic image of you with my brother on this very bed crosses my mind, asphyxiating me, and you're still searching my eyes for an answer, a payment. I bolt out of the bedroom, leaving you. Through the open door I glance at you, flexing your fingers and curling them in the warm blankets. I wish you would leave me, no emotions on your pretty face, so that I would not have to do it myself. Turning my back to you, I can still sense your hopeful eyes, boring through my skull. As I crush you by walking away, again, I'm silently getting used to plucking the stars out of your eyes.


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